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TourneyX Fishing Tournament Management

See What We Have To Offer

See the features listed below. We are the most comprehensive and complete fishing tournament management system out there.

Real-Time Standings

We show the standings for your tournaments in real-time. So as soon as the angler submits a catch, it is calculated into the standings.

Real Time Standings

Take Tournament Registration Fees

If you have a PayPal account, you can take payments right from TourneyX® and the payments are sent directly to your PayPal account.

Multiple Tournament Types

Create team tournaments, multiday, one day, two day showdown, no cull, multi-single days, auto cull, or custom tournament types.

COMING SOON! bracket tournaments

Nationwide Tourneys

Directors can set up their tournaments to run nationwide, no need to be tied to a region.

Auto Cull

Tournament directors can choose whether a tournament is auto culled or not. If auto cull is set, the angler does not need to bother with culling the smallest fish, TourneyX® does it for them!

Easily copy previous tournaments to create new tournaments

If you have created a previous tournament in TourneyX®, creating a new tournament is easy with our copy feature. Just choose the tournament you want to copy and click a button. Update any information and save!

Badge System

Anglers earn badges as milestones.
Total Tourneys > 60 = Gold
Total Tourneys > 40 = Silver
Total Tourneys > 20 = Bronze
Avg. Length > 20" = Gold
Avg. Length > 18" = Silver
Avg. Length > 15" = Bronze
Total Fish > 100 = Gold
Total Fish > 50 = Silver
Total Fish > 25 = Bronze

Angler Badges

Tie Break based on largest catch

Ties are broken based on the largest fish caught, if all fish are the same size, the angler who submitted their last catch first breaks the tie.

X Map

Anglers with membership have access to a map showing locations of submissions.

Digital Identifiers

Submissions will show a digital identifier overlay on photos in the director verify submission area.

Pin Tournaments

Users can pin tournaments so they can easily find them.
Pinned tournaments will show up in the users top menu bar.