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TourneyX Help

Video Tutorials and Information

To see other TourneyX video tutorials, click the link below

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Current and Future TD's. Please remember this. If you create a tournament in TourneyX, the default charge is $5.00 per angler per event.

Angler Instructions

It's FREE to signup, go to https://test.tourneyx.com/app/angler-registration-request and fill out your info. You will be added to our database. You will get a confirmation email and you must verify in order to login.

Tournament Registration

Once you are logged in, you can register for any ongoing tournament that you choose. When you register for a tournament you will be charged the amount the tournament director has set up.

Submitting Your Catch

App Users

Open the App and Login, there are eight functions Check In/Out, Registration, Identifiers, LiveWell, Manage Catch, Standings, Take Photos and Submit Catch. You can then upload your catch using Submit Catch. Please use the in App Camera to capture photos as this captures your gps data better.

Website Users

Go to your dashboard, you will be able to checkin/checkout, submit a catch, cull a fish, view submissions, register, take photos and view standings. If you are fishing a tourney on the water you can go to http://tourneyx.com/app on smartphone, login with your angler username and password. You can then upload your catch. If you are fishing a monthly tourney and want to upload your catch at home, you can use your computer to upload.

Registration: This is where you register for a tournament. Once you have registered for a tournament you will need to download the rules for that tournament.

Identifiers: You can check your identifiers in this area based on your tournaments. These identifiers will be released at the time chosen by the director or when the tournament begins.

LiveWell: This is an area to store your fish while cell service is low or does not exist. This area uses your devices memory to save the information. This info is only saved on your devices and any info left after a tournament must be removed after the tournament.

Manage Catch: After your fish have been submitted this is the area to check your submissions. You can also remove or cull a fish in here. During an autocull tournament you can only remove a fish if you make a mistake. To do this toggle the switch at the bottom right (hide cull) then swipe left to delete a fish. During a manual cull you can cull or delete a fish as well. To do this from the manage catch screen, choose your tournament and swipe right to delete and left to cull.

Standings: This is where you can check your standings.

Submit Catch: This is where you submit your fish to the leaderboard or livewell. 1. Choose your tournament, then browse for photo or capture one. 2. Enter the length without any decimals. For example, 1500 would go in as 15.00". 3. Submit to leaderboard or livewell if the service is low. You should get a prompt of "In the Net". Always go to Manage Catch or Standings to see if your fish made it to the server or leaderboard. If your fish did not make it, you will need to resubmit as our software does not automatically retry.

Use the link below to signup as an Angler

Check In/Out: Use this feature to check in before a tourney or out after a tourney. It marks your location so the TD can see where you are in case of an accident.

Take Photos: Use this feature to take photos in the app to capture your GPS and time stamps.

Tournament Directors Signup

It's FREE to signup, email us at info@tourneyx.com. We can set you up. You will need a Paypal account in order to use our services. Add your paypal email in the signup form. This will be the email your anglers will use to make payment. After you submit, you will be added to our database. As a tournament director you will only be charged 24 hours after your tournament has completed. You will be responsible for this payment. Payment is due within 7 days.

Once you have created a tournament director account you can navigate to your dashboard and create, edit and view a tourney, view submissions (accept a catch), manually submit entries (without photos), email all your anglers once they have signed up and create angler/judges to judge your events.

Create a Tourney - Our create a tournament form will allow you to create your tournament. This will create a tournament for you to send out to your anglers. If you need a category created for your series, please email us at info@tourneyx.com with the name of the series.

Edit a Tourney - Make changes to the description, change identifiers, change dates, etc.

View Submissions - The tournament director will check his dashbord for alerts of incoming submissions. This alert will notify the tournament director that an angler has sent in a catch. You can click the alert link to view submissions.

TourneyX® is not responsible for fish that cannot be uploaded because of limited smartphone service. If your anglers do not have cell service on the lake, the angler will need to supply an sd card or cable to connect to a computer to transfer images to the tournament director. The TD will have to do a manual submission from a computer at weigh in.(AKA Old School) Proper photo submission is the anglers responsibiltiy. If you are having issues, please reach out to your director.

Email us at info@tourneyx.com to signup as a Tournament Director

Location Services

Apple Devices:

To turn on Location Services on an iPhone or iPad (iOS 8)
Tap the Settings application
Tap Privacy
Tap Location Services
Toggle the switch to On

To turn on Location Services on an iPhone or iPad (iOS 9)
Tap the Settings application
Go to Chrome (or whatever browser you are using to access TourneyX)
Make sure the GPS setting states allow while using the app.

OS X: Follow these steps to enable location services in OS X Mountain Lion or later
Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
Click the Security & Privacy icon in the System Preferences window.
Click the Privacy tab.
If the padlock icon in the lower left is locked, click it and enter an admin name and password to unlock it.
Select Location Services.
Check the "Enable Location Services" checkbox.

Location Services in Safari 6 or later
When you visit a geolocation-enabled website in Safari, you are asked if you want to share your location with the site. In the box that appears, select the option "Remember my decision for one day" if you want to allow or disable authorization for the next 24 hours. You can reset all website authorizations in Safari by choosing Reset Safari from the Safari menu. Select the "Reset all location warnings" option in the Reset Safari window. (Don't select the other checkboxes unless you are sure you want to reset those items as well.)

Android devices:

Tap the Settings application
Tap Location
Tap Google Location Reporting
Tap Location Reporting
Toggle the switch to On

On Android (4.4 Kitkat to 5.0)
Open the Settings app.
Touch Location.
Make sure "Location" is turned on.

Chrome (Android)
Touch the menu at the upper right corner of the screen.
Touch Settings > Site Settings > Location.
Make sure Location is enabled on the top of the screen (not blocked).
Find https://app.buddypunch.com in the list & click it.
To grant access to your location, turn on Location access or click to allow.

Windows (Chrome):

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. In the top right, click the Chrome menu.
  3. Click Settings > Show advanced settings.
  4. In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
  5. In the dialog that appears, scroll down to the "Location" section. Select your default permission for future location requests:
    • Allow all sites to track your physical location: Select this option to let all sites automatically see your location.
    • Ask when a site tries to track your physical location: Select this option if you want Google Chrome to alert you whenever a site wants to see your location.
    • Do not allow any site to track your physical location: Select this option to automatically deny requests for your location.
  6. Click Manage exceptions if you want to remove permissions you gave before to specific sites.

See: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/142065?hl=en

Tournament Types

One Day Tournament:

The one day tournament is a tournament that will start and end on the same day. When choosing a one day tournament it should have a starting time in the morning (am) and ending time in the evening/night (pm).


A custom tournament has no limitations on the start/end dates or times.

Multi-Day Tournament:

A multi-day tournament has no limitations on the start/end dates or times, but the submissions are limited to the start and end times of the tournament. For example if your tournament starts at 6:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm, during each day, submissions will be restricted to between 6:00 am - 6:00 pm, so no catches can be submitted at 7:00 pm, or 5:00 am.


A two day tournament where the angler chooses which day (night) they want to compete. All scoring uses the usual method of total fish length.


Q: Could you tell me why I can't see all of the tournaments on my I-Phone?
A: The APP is a trimmed down version of the website. We only show your current and past tournaments.

Q: How do I upload a profile picture? Can't find that option anywhere.
A: The APP doesn't have that feature. Login to http://tourneyx.com/app and go to your dashboard to edit your profile.

Q: How do I find my code number.
A: From the APP, go to View Identifiers - choose the tourney - Look for your 4 digit ID

Q: I can't login with my password
A: A common issue is that anglers use a special character in their password. You will need to reset that and remove it.

Q: I need to cancel my auto renewal on TourneyX before it bills for 2018 please.
A: Login to your PayPal account, go to recurring payments and cancel.

Q: I need to delete one catch because the ruler wasn't in very well but I have the other picture with the ruler in the correct spot.
A: From the APP go to Manage Catch - Choose the tourney - Toggle the switch in the lower right corner - Then you can swipe and remove a fish - Resubmit.

Q: When I click on the standings tab in the app. Nothing loads and my app freezes.
A: Our app was created for submitting fish by the anglers. If the Standings have more than 250 anglers the APP might have a hard time downloading. Please use the website to view the leaderboard. We are working to fix these issues.

Q: Am having trouble editing my profile. When I attempt to upload a new photograph, the system doesn't access my photo library
A: We don't control the device features. You may need to use a computer.

Q: How do you change your profile picture?
A: Login to the website, navigate to your dashboard, click edit profile, change and save.

Q: I'm new to using your service and seen that you could now upload catches to multiple tournaments simultaneously. I was wondering how do you go about that and where I can find that information?
A: This feature will be in the next app release.

Q: I have noticed that I miss type in my name and would like to correct it.
A: Login to the website, navigate to your dashboard, click edit profile, change and save.

Q: I just entered a bass but didn't know I was supposed to enter length. I thought you guys looked and entered length. Can I re submit?
A: From the APP go to Manage Catch - Choose the tourney - Toggle the switch in the lower right corner - Then you can swipe and remove a fish - Resubmit.

Q: I can't locate the number we need to submit with each catch. Please provide or let me know where to locate. Thanks!
A: Open the app. Click Identifiers. Click your tourney. At the top in blue is a 4 digit code. That's it.

Q: Remove fish?
A: From the APP go to Manage Catch - Choose the tourney - Toggle the switch in the lower right corner - Then you can swipe and remove a fish.