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Terms Of Use

By using TourneyX® you agree to all Terms of use
  • Creating Tournaments

    All tournaments, unless agreements are made beforehand, are billed after the tournament completes at $5.00 per angler. TourneyX will invoice the Tournaments Directors directly. All invoices must be paid within seven (7) days of the invoice. Invoice past seven (7) days will have a 10% late fee added to the invoice.
  • Submission Locations

    We require all anglers to share the location of submissions prior to submitting a catch. Per our terms, if you do not share your location, you cannot submit a catch. This is for internal purposes and uses for the tournament director and is not meant to be shared in any way.

    We collect your location data and store it on our database. Any attempt to fraud the system and change or manipulate your location is grounds for immediate expulsion from any and all active tournaments, and the TourneyX.com website.

    Once submitted all photos and data become copyright property of TourneyX, LLC. Images with TourneyX® watermark are copyrighted material and only be used with permission of TourneyX, LLC. Please contact us at info@tourneyx.com
  • Tournament Rules and Regulations

    All tournaments are run by the tournaments Director. They are in charge of setting, and enforcing any and all rules and regulations. TourneyX® is only the software used to manage the submissions, calculations and display of submissions on our website. We are not responsible for any of the judgments, rules or regulations. If you have any grievances, please contact the tournament director.

    TourneyX® is also not responsible for payments made to enter a tournament. All tournament registration payments go directly to the tournament director. If you have an issue with registration payments, please contact the tournament director.

  • Sportsmanship

    TourneyX® is a system to assist tournament directors and anglers with the overall productivity of tournament management. Our goal is to make it easier on directors and anglers, so both get to spend less time with the “unfun” stuff, and more time doing what they loveā€¦ fishing. It is our position that all activities managed by TourneyX® should be handled with the utmost integrity and sportsmanship.

    Our system is set up in a way, that each angler and director operates on the honor system. Any one attempting to deceive, manipulate, and otherwise cheat the system and/or their fellow anglers will be banned from using our system. It is at our discretion that anyone is allowed to use our system, and we maintain the right to remove and block anyone we see fit from our system.